1982 El Camino restoration – Day 2

Yesterday I wrote about the beginning of a long project that I have started in restoring a 1982 El Camino.  We managed the get a lot of the sanding, bondo, and taping done yesterday but we still had a lot to do today.

I woke up at 8am this morning as I had to finish off some coding stuff before I could begin working on the car again, which sort of sucked but whatever.  By the time 10am rolled around I headed out to pick up some more supplies that we needed.  Some finer grit sand paper, more tape, and various painting supplies ( the paint, clear coat, activator, reducer, primer, ect ). After nearly 2 hours of driving around, attempting to figure out the right paint color, and finally getting back to the shop we were able to start working.  My brother Ryan, my friend Matt and I began sanding off the remaining bondo that we put on last night ( which was quite a bit ).  Once we got the bulk of this done, which took about 2 hours, we went over the entire car in a super fine grit sand paper to make it as smooth as possible. This made it so the body was less noticeable and blended with the car a lot better. We then proceeded to finish taping the car off in preperation for painting and covered all of the sanded areas in primer.  After this we wiped down the whole car to remove any remaining dust/sanding remnants and cleaned it as best we could.  It was now time to paint!

My brother began mixing the paint ( I don't know much about this process ) and prepped the spray gun.  Seeing as we don't have proper facilities for painting the room becomes congested with fumes and it's obviously a horrible idea to stand in there while it's going on so we waiting outside and watched in as my brother continued to layer the car with paint. At this point we were thinking "Hey that color looks pretty close" ( its worth mentioning that we half assed finding out the color of the car and guessed to save time ) and were pretty proud of ourselves for guessing the color bang on.  After the layers continued to flow onto the car it became quite aparent that this was NOT the right color.  If the original color of the car was basketball orange it was now borderline neon orange. I'm not gonna lie, my jaw dropped when I saw what we had done and it was definitely a face palm moment.  We all looked at each other with stupid looks on our faces for a few seconds and then all burst out laughing at how retarded we were. At this point there was no use in crying over spilt milk and all we could do was accept it and make the best out of it.  The new direction were taking is that we are going to paint the rest of the car to match the new color, which isn't all bad, I actually sorta like it ( it definitely stands out ). The only downside to this is that we have to go back to the shop tomorrow, sand the rest of the car and prep it for paint all over again. This means sanding, taping, priming and all.  Its gonna be another long day.

After the paint fiasco we wanted to have some fun so we decided to cut the exhaust off the car and see what the engine really sounded like ( it came with a dinky v6 exhaust that sounded like crap ).  Below is a video of the result...


In total today we spent about 9 hours working on the car today and will probably spend another 9 tomorrow.  My fingers are raw and bloody from sanding so much today, so I'm not looking forward to another day of it haha, but it'll be worth it in the end!  Thanks again to my brother and Matt for all the help!