1982 El Camino restoration – Days 3 & 4

Since my last post ( where we decided to paint portions of the car the wrong color ) we decided that it would be best to just bite the bullet and paint the rest of the car the same color as our screw up.  The new orange isn't that bad, it's pretty bright but thats no big deal.  So day 3 began with us sanding off the old clear coat and paint and getting it ready for primer again.  This meant re-taping the whole car again ( all of the chrome, windows, bumper, ect ) and sanding down the old paint a bit so the primer would stick.  This required a lot more work then it sounds like, as the taping alone took many hours.  Sanding off the old paint, even tho there wasn't much of it, was a huge pain in the ass.

The old paint was difficult because we layered so much clear coat on in hopes that if the paint did turn out a bit shitty, that we could sand any imperfections out of the paint.  This actually turned around to bite us in the ass as sanding clear coat of sucks the big one.  But we bit the bullet and spent almost and entire day painting and taping; it was hard work but the car should be better because of it.  That ended of our weekend a week ago and we didn't end up doing any work during the week as we all have fulltime jobs and are pretty busy.

Yesterday we were able to reconvene to begin working on the rest of the sanding that needed to be done and prep it for primer.  We went over the body once more with sandpaper and finished the hood that we never got to the previous weekend. The hood in particular was a bitch to sand down as we dumped the remaining clear coat on there. Once all of the sanding and taping was done we blew off all of the dust that the car was covered in and whipped down the car with a small amount of paint thinner to get any of the remaining paint to come off.  Now we were ready for some primer!

The primer we used this time around was pretty old and stank like hell.  It ended up going on pretty thick so it looks like were going to have a lot of sanding to do again today to get the car ready for paint.  The primer began clogging the gun a bit so the paint went on a bit cottage-cheesy ( some chunks came out and made small bumps in the paintjob ). Luckily this was pretty contained and only ended up on the hood, so we should be able to concentrate our efforts there in sanding and it should turn out pretty well ( crossing my fingers on that one ).

In addition to the sanding and taping yesterday I also got a bit of a surprise when I got to the shop yesterday.  My brother found me a set of headers for my car and was just finished installing them as I rolled up.  I was stoked to see how they sounded so he fired her up.  In the video you will see my brother have to open the door and pop his head out mid way through because it was so loud and the exhaust fumes were coming through the floor ( there are massive holes in my floor at the moment ahaha ). It sounds amazing currently and can't wait to put an exhaust on it ( I decided on purple hornies ). I also took some pictures of the fucked up floor and the under part of the car so you can see what we are doing after the body work, which is replacing the floor.


Today were painting the rest of the car, so hopefully it runs out! More pictures and another post to come later.