CDOT-Dashboard 0.1

This morning Scott, Jon, Chris, David P, Mohammed, and myself presented our first iteration of the CDOT-Dashboard that we developed in just over a week.  We were asked to create it in order to keep the staff of CDOT up to date with the progress of the numerous projects that are under way.  In the end, the display will be shown on either a large TV or a projector of some sort.  The dashboard itself went through a ton of design and code changes, which resulted in a polished first version, which met warm reviews from our fellow co-workers.

Throughout our presentation, we elaborated on the features that each of us worked on, which included things such as git commits, a fedora arm build status, lighthouse milestones, the overall design, as well as the server side components.  After our presentation, there were a ton of suggestions and comments thrown our way, which was really nice to see.  A ton of new idea's came out of the meeting, which are hopefully represented well in our issue tracker.  For those of you who want to file a ticket of some sort, or just view the growing list, visit jbucks github page do to so.  In addition to the technical feedback from the project, we also received a ton of presentation feedback, which I found invaluable.

In general, I'm a pretty poor public speaker, which became apparent in more ways then one after todays presentation.  I was doing things that I should'nt have without even knowing, things like putting my hands in my pocket throughout our presentation, rocking back and forth, and fidgitting and such.  Things like these have became bad habits over the years, that no one has really addressed before now.  It was nice to get small tips like this, which can really make a huge difference in the way the audience perceives your performance, and thus how successful it is.  Mike Hoye also mentioned that we need to explain to the audience why our project is important to us, and what we are trying to solve, something that we didn't do in our presentation.  With all of these new presentation tips in mind, I will definately remember these for the next time, and slowly but surely, I'd like to become good a public speaking, as its an important skill to have and opens up a huge range of possibilitys in the future if you do it well.

Everyone in our group was responsible for something different throughout the week, and everyone was able to complete what they set out to do in time.  It really is refreshing to be in the presence of so many good developers, as everyday im learning something new and exciting, and help others with what they are working on when I have knowledge to pass on.  The group dynamic that we ended up with was awesome, and we really learnt that we can depend on one another to finish what we need to in time, which is essential when working in a tight nit group like we are.  Everyone brings something to the group, and it really showed after this week of working togethor.

For those of you who are wondering what the dashboard looks like, your going to have to wait a bit longer until we clean up some questionable css, which is about as much detail as i'll go into.  Once its fixed, ill upload a demo!