Firefox Bug 708814

Over the last few days I have been working on attempting to finish Firefox Bug 708814. The bug is that when the video goes fullscreen the controls are not hidden when there is no mouse movement. I had a patch to fix this just over a month ago but I let it sit for too long before coming back to it and it no longer works.  Currently I'm trying to figure out why it is failing, which is proving to be quite difficult.

One of the new issues that is popping up is that Util's is not defined from the following block of code. I briefly asked Jaws about it but he didn't seem to know why this was happening either, so I am still investigating as to why this is happening. I also tried using |this| instead of Utils as they seemed to be the same thing, but I think the context of |this| was being miscontrued as well seeing as it was coming from inside a setTimeout.  After compiling and testing this again it wasn't complaining about Utils not existing coming from my listener, but rather from when it was called inside onMouseMove. I did the same thing I did as before and wrapped the function reference in an anonymous function and called |self._hideControlsFn( self )| ( obviously gross code, but for testing purposes it was fine ). Finally I was seeing some progress! At this point the controls were hiding after a mousemove over the video, but not if there wasn't one. This was good because I was now back to a state where everything was working the way it should be before my patch got applied, so I knew I was headed in the right direction.

The only thing that I figured could be the cause here was if for some reason the scubber was being dragged, as that was the only check being done inside of _hideControlsFn, so I figured I would make sure that we were getting inside there, which it turns out wasn't the issue. Back to the drawing board. I decided to look deeper into what was going on, as the issue obviously wasn't present in _hideControlsFn, so I went looking in the startFade function itself. After reading through the startFade function a bit it was pretty obvious where I needed to monitor, which was this block of code.  I throw some console.logs in there to check out what the values were and if for some reason anything weird was going on and it turns out that still looked pretty normal. The only difference that I could spot was that whenever the controls succesfully hid it would enter the last block inside of the else. I did some more logging before that block executed and got some interesting values. It turns out that the controls were not the only one calling startFade, but also an element called clickToPlay ( maybe the start button? ) so I decided to allow clickToPlay or controls to be the element for the condition to pass, but didn't seem to make a difference. Looked like there was no option, I had to go deeper.

After playing around with some stuff for about an hour and realized that I missed something super obvious from the get go, that the listener for fullscreen had a check in it for hover, which always came up false initially, which really wasn't what we wanted. I made it so the listener was for mouseover and checked to see if the video was in fullscreen or not, and what do you know it worked!  After looking at my fix a bit more this made sense ( I think ). I'm happy that I finally figured this bug out, as it was a super subtle and tricky one to figure out, I got led off track quite a bit and went down a ton of deadends. As we speak I'm creating a new patch and making sure that it works fine, so fingers crossed!