Firefox remote building use Xming and Putty

So earlier today Anna set me up with an account in CDOT on the workstation dubbed Romania.  The machine was a beast and building was a breeze on it.  A few hours later I'm snapped back to the reality of my slow laptop.  Oh how I wished I could be using that machine again.  Well apparently there is a way.

1.  Download Xming and Putty

2.  Install Xming, follow the instructions as normal.  To get it working there really isnt anything special you need to do.  You may want to add the shortcuts to your desktop for convience.  Once it is installed, run Xming, which will create a process running on your toolbar in the bottom right hand corner by the clock.

3.  Run the Putty.exe file you downloaded previously.

4.  Now in order to get putty to work with Xming properly you are going to need to enable X11 forwarding.

5.  In putty scroll down to connections, then expand the ssh option, and click on X11.  This will allow you to enable  X11 forwarding. (To get mine to work I also had to fill in the  X display location with :0.0 (those are zeros by the way))

6.  Once you have done this enter the remote location you are attempting to connect to and as usual a command prompt will open up as normal

7.  Navigate to the directory that the firefox executable is located in and run it from command prompt.

8.  If all went well firefox will open up in a new window on your computer from within Xming (magic right?)

Now it was a bit slow for me on my end, but I'm assuming that is because of my horrid internet connection here (a blazing 30kb/s at the moment) , tho it is working which is awesome.  This should solve all the build problems I've been having recently which have taken me between 3 and 4 hours, which is excruciating to say the least.


Hope this helped!