Getting Started with Popcorn.js/Popcorn-Maker.js development


For media makers:
Popcorn.js allows video, audio and other media to control elements of a webpage. Combining our library with a mixture of standard HTML + JavaScript, authors can let their media be the “conductor” of interactive and immersive experiences.

For developers:
Popcorn.js is an event framework for HTML5 media. Popcorn.js utilizes the native HTMLMediaElement properties, methods and events, normalizes them into an easy to learn API, and provides a plugin system for community contributed interactions.

Popcorn-Maker.js && Popcorn-Maker FCP

Is essentially the authoring tool that was developed to compliment the Popcorn.js library.  It allows film makers and other non programmers to easily create popcorn driven webpages.  It provides a familiar video editing layout for those who are familiar with Final Cut Pro.  A Final Cut Pro plugin was also developed to provide film makers an even more user friendly experience, in the fact that they can export XML data directly from Final Cut Pro and import this data into Popcorn-Maker in order to create a Popcornize there video.  Popcorn-Maker is backed by the Butter API that was recently developed. You can demo Popcorn-Maker here.

The core developers working on Popcorn/Popcorn-Maker are as follows:

We primarily communicate on IRC ( #popcorn on ) and through the various tickets on Lighthouse ( our bug tracker ).  Popcorn.js is currently on version 0.8 and we plan to release version 0.9 later next week.  We also plan on releasing 1.0 later next week in time for Mozillas Drumbeat Festival.  The projects themselves are Web Made Movies projects that are backed by Mozilla.  Brett Gaylor is the project lead for the Web Made Movies project.  The projects respective github repositories can be found here: Popcorn.js Popcorn-Maker.js.

If you are interested in working on creating video driven web content, working with HTML5 technologies, and creating software like no other out there at the moment ( literally ), this is the project for you. We have a list of starter bugs going now ( most of which slated for our 1.0 release ) and there will sure to be more as 1.0 creeps closer and closer.  If you need help with anything, whether it be git related or specific to a ticket, feel free to drop by the IRC channel  ( #popcorn on ) and ask any of us.

Getting Started

In order to get started on your first ticket you are going to need to do the following:

  1. Create a github account and get git set up on your machine ( links there for windows and linux setup as well )
  2. Get invited to the project on lighthouse ( talk to humph probably )
  3. Fork and clone the repo ( for any git related help come into the IRC channel )
  4. Read the style guide ( applies more to popcorn then popcorn-maker, but still good rules to follow anyway )
  5. Read the workflow document
  6. Choose a ticket
  7. Create a new git branch for your ticket
  8. Begin hacking!
  9. When you are ready to submit your patch change the status of your ticket on lighthouse to peer-review-requested

Don't be scared to ask for help with anything that you need, as all of us have been there at one point or another ( especially me ).

Happy Hacking!