Google Visualization, Ligthouse API and CDOT-Dashboard

The last two days have been pretty productive, as I've managed to get the bulk of the work done with the Lighthouse API, and its looks pretty good, despite a few bugs.  I've been using the Google Visualization API to draw charts and other cool stuff with data I'm receiving from lighthouse.  Jon had suggested that I make it a single bar bar graph that has both open a closed tickets on one bar, and then color them differently.  This would display a bar that was more green if the majority of tickets in a milestone were closed, and a primarily red bar if the majority of the tickets were open.  This will give the viewer an accurate idea of how the current milestone is coming along, as well as which milestone it is associated with.  I also was able to hook into Scott's countdown widget, and use it to display the amount of time remaning until a milestone is due.  I was able to grab the date due from the JSON file I have (which is still a flat file for the time being), and pass that into Scott's widget.  I also made a small modification to the countdown widget to display a complete status if the current day/time is after the one received.  THis stops negative numbers from being displayed.

As far as my plans for tomorrow and on are concerned, I am going to clean up the good and fix a few of the bugs that have come up.  I am also going to rewrite a bit of it so it can be accessed via JSON like the rest of the widgets.  I didn't do this in the first place because I didn't really understand how JSON worked, and didn't want to fiddle around with that kind of stuff during the first implementation of the widget.  Now that i've got a better handle on it, I am going to set up the widget the way it should be set up.  Here's a quick demo of what i've got done so far.