Popcorn 0.7 - Whats new?

Yesterday we finished all of the major coding and reviews for 0.7 , leaving just some reviewing and other small bug fixes to finish before we release early next week.  0.7 included a lot of small bug fixes in numerous plugins, the core, and the players.  There were also some completely new plugins that were also release, which brought some pretty cool possibilities into popcorn along with them.

The first was a processing.js plugin that was taken on by Chris DeCairos after it sat idle for a few months.  This involved almost an entire rewrite, which was really quite a big task.  Having a processing.js plugin really provides popcorn users with a great way to alow users to interact with a sketch along side their video, or throw a small animation or cool graphic that plays with the video.  Here is a demo that Chris made, check it out! http://scotland.proximity.on.ca/dseif/popcorn-js/plugins/processing/popcorn.processing.html

Another awesome addition to the popcorn tree was Scott Downe's effects.  This basically allowed users to apply an effect to a plugin on its in and out times.  This includes things like highliting the container div a certain color on start and end times, and enlarging the div a bit and then shrinking it on the start time.  This provides a way to quickly grab the users attention and show them there has been a new event that has popped.

In addition to all of this there was also a lot of styling that was fixed and it was sort of done by mistake.  Chris and I have begun doing a lot of peer reviews and super reviews this release, and in doing so we tried to adhere to the style guide as much as possible when reviewing. Although this seems good at first glance, it can also have negative effects down the line when looking to see who touched this code last.  Basically when either Chris or I touched some code, no matter how small, we made that person responsible for the styling in that file.  This seemed like a good idea to us as we were getting a lot of styling problems out of the way, but in reality we could be screwing this up even more.

The problem was if in 3 months we go back to look at this file to find out who touched it last, it would now show either Chris or I for the majority of the file as we made a ton of styling fixes, while in reality we wern't actually the ones that wrote any of that code, but only fixed some styling.  This makes it mucgh more difficult to track who caused issues and what not.  We were informed that if we were going to fix styling, it should be done in its own bug so it is tracked and so on.

Anyways, keep an eye out for Popcorn 0.7 next week, its ognna be sweet!