Processing.js automated tests & GitHub

Yesterday I blogged about what I've done so far in OSD600 and how the bugs were coming along for processing.js.  When I finished one of my bugs I told David Humphrey and he told me to run some automated tests on the code I wrote (I guess to make sure I didn't screw anything up) and to setup GitHub, both of which I had no idea how to do.  After reading some links and talking to numerous people on IRC today, I was still having troubles for unforseen reasons.  So I talked to dhodgin about how I forked jeresigs repo and what I did.  I soon found out I did numerous things wrong and needed to fix them.  After talking to dhodgin and re-reading his blog post about setting up github, I found out that copying and pasting a file I was working on into the local forked copy of jeresigs repo was a no-no.  Basically because I downloaded processing.js from the processing.js website and didn't get it from jeresigs repo the two copies were not the same.  Jeresigs repo is running 0.9.8 processing.js while the copy directly from the processing website is 1.0.0.  If i was to try and push my copy to Jersigs repo it could have caused some problems as the two versions were not the same.

After understanding what I did wrong, and learned a few dos and donts of github, I abandoned the cloned copy I had before and created a new one.  Because I didn't commit anything I did before, dhodgin said that there shouldn't be any problems.  After cloning the fork to a new location and deleting the old clone, I ran the automated tests again and.... SUCCESS!


I still don't know what was wrong with what I did before, or why it caused the issues I was having with getting the automated tests to run but it did.  So not only did I fix the problem I was having, but I also learned a bunch about GitHub and how it works. Awesome.

I'm still constantly surprised on how willing everyone has been to help me with my endless barrage of questions and problems.  It's been quite a cool experience and I'm loving the open source way of things so far.  Can't wait for more!